Ippoliti Ricambi s.r.l. is committed to finding the best maintenance solutions for endothermic engines. That is why we select the range of best lubricants for your engine. Ippoliti Ricambi s.r.l. is the official distributor of lubricants and additives of the following brands:

Ippoliti ricambi - lubrificanti
Ippoliti ricambi - lubrificanti


Thanks to the agreements signed with Cummins Inc. (of which Valvoline is a global partner), Ippoliti Ricambi s.r.l. is authorized to distribute the complete range of Valvoline lubricants and additives, in Rome and Lazio.
Valvoline was established over 150 years ago, and is part of the Ashland group and a world leader in the production of lubricants and additives for endothermic engines in any field: Automotive, truck & bus, farming, the building trade, generator sets, rail, industry, Marine and naval.


Repsol is one of the top ten oil companies in the world, and has oil wells and refineries in 30 countries all over the world. Repsol is committed to developing lubricant technologies and formulas for the car and industrial sectors with a range of products of the highest quality, thanks above all to its CTR in Madrid, the largest technical research centre in Europe with 350 researchers.

Liqui Moly

A global brand with a reputation for quality, an internationally famous Made in Germany brand. Liqui Moly offers a complete range that covers all your needs. A catalogue of over 4,000 items for any vehicle, engine or customised product Liqui Moly solutions increase the life of engines and mechanical assemblies, guaranteeing improved performance and running. Decisive factors for the best driving experience and cost saving. High quality raw materials, permanent controls and compliance with the highest specifications guarantee unmatchable quality and unique advantages. When you purchase Liqui Moly you buy more than just a product. Customers not only get all the benefits of the brand, but even a complete consulting service that focuses on customer satisfaction.


LPC S.A. is an industrial and commercial company of the Motor Oil Hellas Group, a pioneer in the lubricants industry, above all in the production of basic oils, processing and marketing of packaged lubricants.

The company's main products, CYCLON basic oils and lubricants, are present in over 30 countries all over the world. The Cyclon brand has enjoyed an excellent reputation on the Greek and international lubricants market for over 35 years and is well known for the high quality of its products. In a globalized market where the development and technological requirements of modern lubrication (synchronous motors, fuel consumption, extreme operating conditions, etc.) are greater than ever, Cyclon lubricants did not hesitate to meet the challenge of innovation.

The project for the renewal of the Cyclon brand and development of the new generation of lubricants, is based on four cornerstones to cover the modern needs of the market: Innovation, Technology, Economy, the Environment.